Feeling displaced or lonely, an opportunity to be happy?

Feeling displaced is not a nice feeling. It comes with feeling lonely, isolated, like a stranger, missing home, maybe even missing meaning in one’s life. Quite far away from feeling happy… So is feeling displaced really an opportunity to be happy? Well, it actually is! Why is that? Because when we are not happy, we usually try to find solutions and we are ready to open to new perspectives, to reflect on how we are doing which is the golden route to finding who we are, what truly makes us happy and how to get there. So, are you feeling displaced or lonely? If you are, here are a few steps I suggest you could take: 1. First you need to take stock of how you are feeling and why in order to gain

Are you dreaming to live somewhere for a while like a true local? Are you relocating for work?

Having relocated myself several times in my life, I know how important it is to have local support otherwise relocating can be quite isolating and tough. There are all the practical things we need to do to get set up in our new location, and there are all these other things that one might not think about but which will make you create a meaningful new life for yourself or not. I am talking about the human side of things: how quickly you will make friends, how will you create a life balance, where you will have fun in your life etc. Making friends for instance is not an easy task and seems to get tougher and tougher as we grow older, simply because people's lives get very busy with time and t

Is your relationship with your body not the best? You can start changing that today!

Our body is supposed to be our best friend but it is very common to not feel that way and have a rather rocky relationship with our body. Do you dislike your body? Are you disappointed by it? Frustrated or maybe even angry with it? There can be many reasons for this. Let’s have a closer look at it. First, a very common thing is for people not to like the way their body looks. You might find it too big or too skinny, not like your face or your skin, your hair, your nose etc. You are not finding it beautiful visually. Others may feel let down by their body. You may be in a situation where your body often gets sick, simply doesn’t seem to function the way it should, or doesn’t fulfil the expect

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