It is OK to ask for help...

As new mums and new parents, we want to get it ALL right for our little bundle(s) of joy and for our beautiful family :-) This is normal. But, have we ever thought that we can't do it without help? We are so used to do it all alone that it can sometimes be challenging to ask for help; yet, this is important in order to enjoy the ride of parenthood. This week, I am talking with Sarah Morrissey from Little Rockers Radio of exactly that! Enjoy!

Why intuitions are so important in parenting

On the second interview with Sarah from Little Rockers Radio, I talk about how connecting with your intuitions is the best route to success in being happy parents of happy children. In this interview, discover what are "informed intuitions"; learn about why we are so often disconnected from our intuitions and how we can fix that :-) I hope you enjoy! You can also find the video on Little Rockers Radio website here.

Respect can go a long way!

I believe stopping violence and disrespect is everyone’s business When I first saw this campaign poster I thought “This is so good our government actively campaigns against violence against women!”. I didn’t have time to read through it though so I kept the magazine aside and I went back to it later. When I read it the second time, something different happened: I realised this campaign is talking to me, to you, to everyone. Because it is talking about disrespect and its consequences. It is focusing on women, but we can generalise it to all human beings. So, I’d like to make a call to myself and to everyone. I am deeply convinced that if we, one by one, start focusing seriously on respecting

Looking after Mum!

To celebrate Mother's day, I will be sharing in May 4 interviews I have had with Sarah Morrissey, from Little Rockers Radio, a radio for children and their mums! The first subject is about why it is SO important as a mum to look after yourself... You can also find the interview on:

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