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"Maud has given me the tools to reconnect with my creative and authentic self. Over the period of 18 months, these safe and private sessions with Maud have given me the room to find courage, personal strength and will power to not only carry on when the going gets tough but to shine through it all.


I have had a life-changing experience on both a personal and professional level as these two are inextricably linked, and released limitations I had once put on myself.


Not only has it built a better understanding and relationship with my true self, but strengthened my relationships with people who matter to me.


Thank you Maud, I will be eternally grateful for the work we have done to empower me to live life to the fullest and wish you continued success in helping more people on their journey to happiness." San San Truong, Melbourne, Australia


   "I contacted Maud because I was living a highly stressful professional situation where my stress prohibited me from having a rational approach of the situation while obviously not enjoying my task at hand.

Maud helped me to find and realize the real reason behind my stress, which was not the situation in itself but my fear to fail and what I would have thought of myself if I did fail.

Thanks to that very useful discovery I could start to work with Maud about what would happen in case of a professional failure and then how I could handle it.

I succeeded to overcome this fear, mainly thanks to Maud and her support, and the stress has totally disappeared leaving me back again at the full control of my capacities.

The feeling/sensation approach she uses (vs the mental/brain approach) has been a real key to quickly unlock this problematic and suffering situation for me.

I do recommend Maud around me to friends facing similar stressful problems in their professional life.

Thanks Maud!"

M.R., Spain

"I have worked with Maud at a time when I was struggling to make very important decisions in my personal life, and it has been extremely helpful for me. 


The coaching process we used is simple and methodical, and it becomes a tool you can use whenever required in your life.


Within a few coaching sessions, Maud helped me sort out what was influencing my decision, and prioritising it according to what I wanted deep down.


The right choice became obvious, and I never regretted my decision. 


I also got to know myself better in the process, which is always useful!"

VL, Melbourne, Australia 

"This work was a real breakthrough for me, I am finding out what it means to let go of all the restrictions people used to put on me… and finally be able to live life the way I want to without any judgment.

The session was very helpful when Maud encouraged me to feel and sit through the emotions I was feeling. I discovered so much but also allowed my being to recognise it."

ST, Melbourne, Australia


"I have used counsellors, coaches, healers, psychologists for most of my life but the major breakthroughs I have had with each session with Maud is slowly setting me free and allowing me to go back to the little girl who feels loved and wants to spread her wings and fly. 

Over the years I have built behaviours (destructive behaviours) to musk the deep pain this little girl was feeling.

Together with Maud and the love and support of my husband, we are slowly breaking down those barriers, those walls and rebuilding new ones.

My progress is a very nurturing one, that place of dislike of myself the “ I am not good enough as a person, as a mother, as a wife, as a business woman”, is slowly being replaced by love coming from within, from that little girl, and I am starting to really feel that I am good enough, I am worthy of love and success.


Thank you Maud, for allowing me to feel safe and enter that place of trust."

Z, mother, wife, business woman, Melbourne, Australia

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"The support I got from Maud’s coaching was amazing." KM, Melbourne Australia


"What you do is amazing, Maud, I feel so much better!" J, Geelong, Australia


"Maud seems to immerse herself into your situation, willing to give you time and space to express yourself." EW, Adelaide, Australia


"Maud truly energised me!" JP, Paris, France




  Interviewing Maud
    If you would like to interview Maud or for Maud to come and give a talk to one of your events, please send us a message via the contact form on the Contact Page. Please include any detail you would like us to know and we will come back to you shortly. Thank you.
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