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Holistic Counselling

I support you with both emotional support and personal growth techniques through one on one consultation.


How can Maud support me?


Working together, you will:


  • Understand the origins and reasons of why you feel the way you do and the impact this has on your actions and approach to situations.


  • Learn to identify the cause of possible negative patterns you experience in your life.


  • Understand the emotional mechanisms at stake behind the experience.


  • Be able to re-educate your inner psychological mechanisms so as to free yourself from those feelings and negative patterns, which are no longer useful to you. You will then feel able to restore a healthy emotional balance in your life.


  • Have the opportunity to express you, be understood and be afforded the space to change in a safe place; a place of trust with space and time to heal past wounds.


  • Be guided to design tailored, practical and effective strategies to make your progress long lasting and sustainable.


How and where are consultations conducted?


Consultations can be conducted either at my practice in Melbourne or via Skype.


During the hour, you will have the opportunity to describe the challenges you are facing. While sharing your experiences and feelings, you will be listened to with respect, without judgement or interruption. I will be deeply present and connected to you.


You will then begin working though your experience and feelings continually supported and with my guidance.


I use extremely powerful techniques based on connecting with your sensations and will guide you to your core self and its aspirations. These aspirations will lead you towards what truly gives meaning to your life.


These techniques are effective for all people regardless of their culture, religion and economical or educational background. 


Working together, you will feel empowered and more in control of your life. You will find renewed self-confidence and unconditional Love for yourself and you will learn clear strategies to cement your progress.


Allowing yourself to radiate, you will reconnect with deep happiness.

Practically, how does it work? 


Our practice is located on St Kilda West in Melbourne, Australia.


Consultations (Zoom and Face to Face) last one hour and cost $130.


Reduced fee for students and unemployed people, please enquire.


Please note that cancellation fees* apply.

Pay for your consultations at the time of booking or online now. 

*Cancellation fees:

- for a cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the appointment, full fee is due.

- for a cancellation within 48 hours prior to the appointment 50% of the fee is due.

- for a rescheduling less than 24 hours prior to the appointment a $50 rescheduling fee is due

Exceptional circumstances can be taken into account.

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