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About me

I help men and women create inner stability so they can make a stand for themselves and let go of what doesn't support them anymore.

I would love to help you too!

My credentials



Passionate about people, I have been studying human relationships and behaviours for over a decade, predominantly with the International Adult School of Education PRH in France, England and Australia.



Continually researching in the field of personal development and life balance, I continuously create new tools to assist my clients in reaching optimum and satisfying solutions for their lives.




My training, which extends to over 30 topics includes:



  • Childhood and its emotional impacts in adulthood

  • Love life (couple, family, deep friendships)

  • Deep identity and self-image

  • Self-confidence and self-esteem

  • How our relationship with our body impacts our quality of life and our growth

  • How to make satisfying complex decisions

  • Professional life and growth

  • The power of freeing inner life in ourselves

  • In depth-analysis of sensations

  • Relating to money and possessions

  • Relationships: couple, and groups

  • The transcendent dimension of our life

  • Affirming ourselves

  • Emotional support and growth tools

  • How to restore balance in our life

  • How to restore the meaning of our life

  • How to accelerate our growth

  • Quality of listening and emotional support



Since 2012, I have delivered workshops supporting personal growth, life-coaching, yearly "growth groups", and provided personal accompaniment sessions.



I began my working life with an international aerospace company, being based in France, Japan, England and Australia. This makes me particularly aware of the challenges faced by professionals in the corporate world. I now live in Melbourne and calls Australia home.



In 2013, after giving birth to my son, I decided to add a new life-coaching speciality to my ever-growing skillset adding antenatal and post-natal support for parents transitioning to parenthood.



“We are all human beings and we share the same thirst for happiness in our lives. We just all do it differently depending on our culture, our past, our personalities. But it remains the same search.” Maud Briscoe-Renaud

My promise


  • To offer high quality listening and emotional support.


  • To help you achieve the confidence and freedom to build happy and well balance relationships with yourself and others, as well as build a professional and personal life that is really meaningful to you.

In other words:

To guide you to achieve self-empowerment to act according to who you are and in time, reach the satisfactory reality of living the best version of you.



My Values


  • Non judgemental and strictly confidential.


  • It is about you, not about me. I don’t impose my views, opinions, or solutions on you; I guide you to design your own personal solutions, the ones that are right for you.


  • People are like a goldmine and by accessing the ‘vein’ we learn to connect to our own richness.  Answers lie within each of us and once uncovered, will reveal the path through which we will then travel smoothly.


  • Life is about actualisation of who we truly are.


  • Reaching inner freedom delivers complete happiness.


“I met Maud a few years ago, and immediately she struck a chord within me.

She has a strong and determined personality, yet I have seldom met a more assuring listener to what you have to say. She seems to immerse herself into your situation, willing to give you time and space to express yourself.

Maud has a gentle nature and she advises calmly and with empathy however, decisive and always present in the moment.” EW



"Maud has provided a safe place for me to express how I feel, without judgment. If I compare with the years that I have been to various professional support -and some have been YEARS!!!!, I can’t describe how grateful I am for the progress I am making with Maud.


Thank you Maud from the bottom of my heart" ZH

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