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Journaling for Fulfilment and Growth Sheets


Check-in your day in the morning and check out at night.

It’s like giving yourself a mini personal growth objective for the day!

You set a good vibe for your day and you finish your day on a good note too!



Why will it give you fulfilment and growth?


Journaling this way will give you fulfilment because it will help you focus on the beauties inside you and how you can live them on a daily basis.


You will have a better image of yourself and you will feel happier because you will be living -and wanting to live- more and more these qualities and values of yours.


Doing so, you will automatically grow in being more and more yourself!

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Life-giving Resources



We are not a mind, separately from a body, separately from a story, separately from our relationships, etc.

We are a WHOLE.



      For this reason, and in the deep desire I have to support you holistically, I have made some research, I have met people, I have tried services that I would like to share with you because the people who offer these services are not just very good at what they do, they are people who infuse their work with universal positive values, they are passionate about what they do as much as about respecting and honouring people.

This means that if you need their services, working with these people will create a positive and life-giving environment around you. Of course, I cannot promise or take responsiblity for how you will find working with these professionals but my experience with them was good enough to trust I can recommend them to you.

They have all sorts of specialities and can be a life-giving presence in your life if you need their services. I have interviewed them for you to meet them :-)


Dr Emily Hodges

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner


In my series of Up-lifting Life Resources, I have interviewed today Dr Emily Hodges, Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor at Imprint Chinese Medicine.

" I am a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner who provides a safe, caring and non-judgmental environment for my clients to share their health challenges and life stories. My treatments generally offer a combination of Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, practical lifestyle advice and a kind, listening ear."

Suzanne Dekyvere

Image Consultant


In my series of Up-lifting Life Resources, I have interviewed today Mrs Suzanne Dekyvere, Principal Image Consultant at An Air of Distinction.


Wether you like or dislike the way you look, my belief is that everyone could benefit from finding how to dress in a way that works for you because it will help you foster your self-confidence and use your creativity in a self-loving way. And especially with such a caring and inspired image consultant as Suzanne!







Enjoy meeting Suzanne in this interview!


Zofia di Stefano

Educator in Personal Development



In my series of Up-lifting Life Resources, I have interviewed today Zofia DiStefano, educator from PRH Australia, a school for adult education in personal development.


Here is how Zofia defines her services: 

"I offer my clients a gentle, safe and nurturing environment where they can connect with their positive inner resources in order to grow and to become grounded so as to tackle the challenges of everyday life.

I offer workshops and one to one sessions on decision-making, relationships, meaning in life etc. I offer them tools that they can use to empower them in running their lives."


Enjoy meeting Zofia in this interview!

Kathy Nunn

Relocation Specialist



Today, I have interviewed Mrs Kathy Nunn, who is a relocation specialist.


Having relocated myself several times in my life, I know how important it is to have local support otherwise relocating can be quite isolating and tough.

Here is how she described what she does:

"The heart of Elite Executive Services is clearly centered on providing all the support a client needs when relocating interstate or overseas whether this is into Australia or another country. Our consultants have walked this path themselves and are empathetic professionals and very resourceful. Taking this this one step further we have created Cultural Discovery for clients wishing to have a mini relocation anywhere in the world with all the necessary support to embark on a new adventure and embrace a new country, living as a local. Here we assist with breaking through local barriers and making lifelong friends." 

Enjoy meeting with Kathy in this interview!

For more information, you can visit the following websites:


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