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Welcome to a nurturing place for Mums

and Mums-to-be


We are proud to provide women with professional, gentle and efficient solutions to help them succeed in being the mother they want to be.

Expecting your first baby?


Grow and Nurture the Parent in You

with WELCOMING BEBE (click here for more)

1-day workshop in a group setting or the privacy of your own home

Already a Mum?


Get the support you deserve!


On the phone, Skype or face-to-face professional counselling support.

We recognise motherhood is beautiful but not always easy. Our aim is to make mums truly happy, vitalised and successful!

Let us support you to:    


  • Lower your tiredness levels

  • Develop your instincts

  • Develop your patience

  • Feel less isolated

  • Help support your baby's sleep training

  • Deal with lack of support

  • Improve your organisation

  • Make successful and healthy choices for your baby

  • Nurture & energise yourself


Benefitting from professional support, you will feel:  


  • Less tired

  • More in control

  • Relaxed

  • PatientCalm & 

  • Self-confident in your choices

  • Energised & Motivated

  • More available to support your baby's emotional development 


"The support I got from Maud’s coaching was amazing. Her warm, kind and honest approach made me feel understood and her advice has been a big help. She demonstrated patience, empathy and her encouragement has given me a lot more confidence in my own parenting.

She is professional and organised but always warm, and her sensible style is very reassuring. I believe any parent would benefit from her guidance."

Karen ~ mother to 3-year old and 10-month old boys, Melbourne, Australia

Practically, how does it work? 


Consultations take place via Skype, on the phone and Face to Face at our practice on St Kilda Road, Melbourne.


Consultations last 45 minutes and cost $90.


Please note that cancellation fees apply.

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