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Grow and Nurture the Parent in You


2 online sessions of 2h30 each


1-day face to face workshop in the privacy of your own home

Let us support you to be confident parents who can:    


  • Understand your baby’s language,

  • Connect into and trust your instincts,

  • Work as a team with your partner,

  • Minimise exhaustion,

  • Help your baby self-settle and sleep well

What will I gain from the workshop?    


Welcoming Bébé is a revolutionary workshop where you will:


  • Identify your current skills sets and assets and develop them further


  • Learn how to strategise and prioritise as parents because what seems important or simple now, may become a major challenge or obstacle in the reality of parenthood.


  • Develop clear and simple steps for all contingencies, including sleep deprivation


  • Build your self-confidence by learning how to read your baby’s cues and your own inner intuitions so as to make the decisions that are right for you


  • Improve your whole lifestyle and family experience by learning how to stay consistently connected to yourself


  • Receive information on how babies actually relate to us and the vitally key elements to the happiness and development of your baby

The workshop


2 online session of 2h30 each (Zoom platform)


1-day private workshop (5 hours + lunch break)

in the privacy of your own home (Melbourne metropolitan area)


Price: $497* per couple



*A $150 non refundable deposit is due upon registration.

The balance is due at the first class. 

If cost is an issue, a payment plan can be arranged.




"The workshop helped me in grow in self-confidence: I realised how I could use and trust my instincts and meet my basic needs.

As a couple, the workshop allowed us to really exchange new insights on what we were both thinking and feeling. Often, we'll just say "I'll be all right" but reflecting and truly sharing about it is another thing. During the workshop, you brought the right practical and emotional questions: questions I would have never thought to ask myself and were not asked in classic ante-natal training." MJ, Melbourne, Australia


"Maud ensures that the whole experience is inspiring for all the participants by carefully listening and providing wise insights to help them progress on their journey." AK, Melbourne, Australia

"Just before the birth of our little girl Alice, we participate in Maud's workshop on how to prepare emotionally so as to live early parenthood with serenity. She gave us some great tools to be aware and responsive to our baby's needs in a way where we could also take care of our own needs as parents. Being a young parent although the most wonderful experience ever, can also be difficult sometimes and this is when we realised how useful Maud's workshop had been to us. I really recommend her." MR, Spain

The Story...    


      When my son was four days old, on his second night at home, he started to cry and would not stop. We tried to feed him, swaddle him, bounce him... nothing would work. So far, we had been pretty confident and happy with what we were doing as my son was doing well.

After 2 hours of crying, our confience was starting to become severely shaken. The truth is that as a loving parent you feel terrible because your child is obviously in some sort of discomfort or pain, and as an adult you feel bad because you don't seem to be able to solve the problem! Confidence and calmness in new parents is fragile.


Why training in early-parenting?

      When we see new parents struggling, we all think: "That won't be me, I'll do it differently, I am organised and my partner and I are a strong team." It certainly is a good attitude to have, however consider this, who drives a car or swims without receiving some sort of tuition before embarking on such a new yet seemingly simple task? Yet so many of us jump into parenthood with so little preparation.


Research* worldwide over the last 15 years all supports my theory; parents wished they had been better prepared and undertaken some sort of training.

After 2 hours of crying, I suddenly felt that I needed to step back and I used, for the first time, a wonderful method that I would use extensively in the months that followed. The method was based on informed intuition and allowed me to find THE SOLUTION that worked for both my partner & I and our baby.


      I now teach this method and it is at the core of "Welcoming Bébé!"



And this need is actually more acute today than it was even 15 or 20 years ago, because:


  • New parents often don't have the support provided by the former "village society" or extended families. 


  • The image of rapid and easy successful parenting is splashed across the media painting an unrealistic expectation similarly the presumption; ‘you can lose all of your baby weight in 3 weeks!’


  • Wellbeing and success-driven, workingwomen today have different expectations than their own parents had.


  • With smaller families, young adults are often little exposed to baby bringing before they have their own children


* Click here for more information on the latest research in Australia- by Monash University, which supports the Welcoming Bebe philosophy.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have heard "Welcoming Bébé" is also a great way to prepare for childbirth. Can you explain?


Yes, indeed, this workshop will give you tools that will prove very useful during childbirth such as learning to feel and manage the mother's needs, learning to let go and let the body and the baby lead, develop a successful  "mother and partner" team around the baby. All these skills will help you to reach a calm, yet efficient attitude towards the birth that is happening. The love you will feel will release the oxytocin hormone, which will help with both the birth and subsequent bonding with the baby.


What if my partner can't join or if I have no partner?


If your partner cannot join, or if you are a single mother-to-be, you could come with one of your parents or any person who will be your "buddy" once the baby is born so that you can focus on the team you will create together.



If you have any additional question, please do contact Maud at:

tel: 0401 057 669

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