When you simply can’t forget your Ex…

Have you been single for a little while and can’t seem to move on from your previous relationship? Do you find yourself often day-dreaming about the good times with your ex or on the contrary get angry at them and think at length about all the bad things they did? Do you struggle to forget your ex and get ready for a new relationship? The good news is: you can do something to help yourself out of this painful situation :-) Let's imagine the example of Jane*. Jane has been single for 12 months since breaking up with her last boyfriend but she can’t move on. Jack is on her lips –and in her mind- all the time. She is both sad to have lost Jack, to be alone and resenting of Jack. She feels he ha

Do you need to spend some time with yourself?

In my series of Up-lifting Life Resources, I have interviewed today Zofia DiStefano, educator from PRH Australia, a school for adult education in personal development. www.prhaustralia.com Everybody encounters one day or another some bumps in their lives, be it relational, professional, physical or emotional… And the best asset we can have to face these bumps is to know ourselves well and what are our resources. This is why I believe spending some time regularly with ourselves to do some personal development is a promise of resilience and eventually happiness. Often we wait to be in the heart of the tough time to seek this learning but wouldn’t it be helpful to get to know right now about ho

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