Being able to speak our truth to our family without being unsettled by their reactions or judgement

It can be stressful to hear what our family thinks about us when we dare to stand up in our truth. As some of you may know, I live thousands of kilometers from my French family. My mother loves her independence but I still admirable her ability to love me unconditionally and be happy because I am happy where I live. However I also get the odd judgment by extended family members implying I am selfish and don’t think about my mum’s needs. It used to drive me nuts! Yet, the last time I heard this comment, I didn’t feel shaken or upset. Instead I felt love for myself and respect for my decision. I felt I was actually fair with this decision and I was able to convey this to the person without fe

Being in relationships where we have freedom to say “no”

Often with family and friends we say “yes” and agree to do things when actually we’d like to say no. Why do we do this? It’s so easy get caught up doing more than we are really prepared to do, just to please our loved ones and keep peace. We end up running around, going places that don’t make us feel good, being late, and get exhausted … even a bit resentful at times. So what is at stake here and how can we move away from saying “yes” when we really want to say “no”? Common reasons we do this include things like: To avoid the discomfort of how others might react To gain appreciation and love Wanting to be recognised and valued Fearing being judged The truth is that none of us like to have so

Could you be a better friend to your body?

I used to think my body was a great friend of mine because I was living a hyper-active life and my body never said anything, I was full of energy and never sick. Then, when I was 20 I slowly started to have some food intolerances, which impacted more and more my daily life. By the time I was 25, I was quite upset with my body: why was it letting me down? After working on my relationship with my body, I realised two things: First, I realised that if my body was my best friend, I certainly wasn’t her best friend! I was just using her as a tool to do what I wanted. Then, I learnt that my body –like everyone’s body- is very clever and constantly talks to me. This means if I listen to my body, I

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