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Feeling more and more positive about your life and yourself

In a world constantly emphasising “more and more” of having, doing, discovering, learning etc., it is easy to feel chronically dissatisfied with our life.

Are there ways to break this pattern and start afresh? Yes there are! Here I share with you 4 very powerful ways to start feeling more positive about yourself and your life.

Journaling on our success

One of the main reasons we may feel dissatisfied with our life is because we don’t integrate our success into our self-image (the way we see ourselves).

We think (albeit unconsciously) that we are still our old self.

Chasing more (of anything really) just means we never stop to savour how far we have come.

I used to be like this, always looking for the next problem to solve, the next stage to reach in my personal growth. I was doing tremendous progress but I still felt I was going nowhere because there was always so much more I could improve in me. I was not updating the way I was seeing myself –my self-image.

One day, I started to write down everyday the signs of the new person I was becoming and that I had observed that day. It did marvels!

Try it, it’s really transformative!


We often focus on getting satisfaction from outside of us, when the gold lies within…

This morning, while having to get my racing mind back to consciousness during a meditation, a question came to me: “What are you fleeing from with all these thoughts and restlessness to go into action?” It appeared clearly to me that I was trying to avoid being just with myself, as in fully embodying my body and embracing who I am with acceptance and unconditional love. As I realised that, I felt like coming home into my body. I felt anchored. I felt a true friend to myself. What can be more fulfilling?

Meditating forces us to stop thinking about what’s coming next. It offers us an opportunity to just be with ourselves without any agenda.

Try it, it can be hard to start with but the rewards are big because when we find a sense of ease with ourselves, we don’t need to seek that ease somewhere else.

Setting daily mini goals for ourselves

Setting goals for ourselves is very popular these days. It is indeed an efficient way to grow.

So I'd like to invite you to give yourself a mini daily -and special- goal, which can improve your level of satisfaction in your life.

What if, instead of focussing constantly on “getting more, doing more… goals”, you decided to choose “Being more” goals. I am talking here about goals where you are focussing on living more who you already are rather than trying to change yourself.

One day, my former boss –an amazing man!- told me “You have much more chances to succeed if you focus on doing more of what you are good at than trying to improve where you are not so good”. Little piece of gold!

So if you are game here is what I invite you to do every day for a week:

- In the morning ask yourself: “What quality of mine would I like to focus on today?” –write it down.

- At night, check back in with the following questions: “When did I live this quality today?” and “How does this makes me feel?”

I’d love to hear how you go in the comments section!

Having important conversations

This is about bracing ourselves and daring to talk about what we need in our life, be it professional or personal. Because sometimes we do need some change.

To succeed, we need to respect 4 steps:

  1. Take time to clarify what we REALLY need

  2. Start the conversation by stating to the other how and why we value the relationship.

  3. Express what important need of ours has to be met for us to be happy/efficient etc. in the situation. This is not about criticising; it is about stating what makes us happy.

  4. Ask clearly if the person is ready to consider making some changes so that this need of ours is met.

Watch out, when you ask your question, you need to be ready to hear a negative answer. This is their freedom.

But at least, you will have asked and often even a negative answer is not completely negative, especially if you have followed steps 1 to 3 well.

I wish you good luck!

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