10 Tips to improve your relationships...

I am excited to introduce you to my new series on how to improve your relationships. In several series of 10 tips, spanning over the next few weeks and months, I will cover a broad range of subjects on how to improve your relationships with yourself, your loved ones, your body, your work, money etc... Let's start! 10 Tips on how to improve your relationship with yourself Episode 1: Tips 1 and 2! Tip 1: I shall be open to what I really feel The first step to improve your relationship with yourself is to simply open honestly to what is happening inside yourself. This means stopping telling yourself what is happening but rather open and let your feelings talk without any interpretation. This re

The surprising and highly important gift you can give to your child

I feel that most parents are deeply willing to love their children as best as they can and give them the best chances to thrive in life. I would like to give my view on what I believe is the most important thing we can give our children and also talk about another very important gift we can give them, and which is often surprising to people. The most important gift we can give to our child is to see, accept and love who they are. Our children are not a mini-us and they have their own identity. Some aspects of this identity are related to their age, some to their personality, some to the environment they live in (both human and material). Their identity comes with needs, values, qualities and

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