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Are you busy today? No, not at all actually!

Someone recently mentioned to me he was in a shop and had this very conversation. We laughed as he described to me how the shopkeeper's face dropped. But he also told me how he suddenly felt a deep sense of relaxation and contentment with himself; he felt empowered.

As we live in a world where, as I said in one of my previous articles, “busy is the new black”, I’d like to invite you today to claim your freedom back, to empower yourself by deciding to not be crazy busy.

You can do it in two ways:

1. Slow down

- If it is true that you are crazy busy, review the content of your day and see if you could find one or two things you could remove from your busy agenda so you have space to breathe and can do all the other things with mindfulness and less stress.

- Start your day with a meditation, as you will see your focus and therefore efficiency increase tremendously.

2. Tell the world –and yourself- that you are not busy

- Try the exercise of telling yourself “I am not busy today, I have a lovely list of actions and I will take the time to enjoy each of them. I don’t need to be busy to be an effective person. What I do is valuable and I give it my full attention.”

- And when you are out and people ask you –and they will!- “You’re busy today?”, reply “Not at all actually.” See how it makes you feel (and try not to laugh at their surprised face!) and share with us in the comments section.

The result of all of this is that you will feel so much more relaxed and in control of your life.

Try it, it really works!

If what I shared resonated with you and you would like to talk about what you can do to help yourself live your "being busy" better or becoming less busy, you can book a free 20 minutes chat with me on , I have a passion for assisting people to build a balanced, fulfilling and truly happy life. I will be happy to do so with you :-)

Photo credits: Katzenspielzeug

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