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I read one day this very clever explanation on how we, human beings, could avoid conflict… “Imagine if ice cubes floating in cold water had consciousness. There would be discussions about ice cubes from one particular tray to another: “Our edges are sharper than yours”, or “We cubes are clearer and more symmetrical than you are”. Eventually, these discussions would lead to arguments, and then to war, and we would have the equivalent of life here on Earth. But we know that if we heated the water, all the ice cubes would melt. Every ice cubes, from every tray, would be the same: water” Dr Weiss

Human beings: naturally good or bad?

Sometimes, when we look at what is happening in the world, or we just look around us, we may ask ourselves: are human beings naturally good or bad? Are some good and some bad? If I may, and because I travel to the heart of human beings in my work, I’d like to share with you my observations and experience about this important question. Today I was listening to a radio program when the person interviewed said that we are all, originally, infused by goodness. I SO MUCH AGREE with that! In my job, I hear various stories and help many different clients to reach the heart of what they want for their lives and I can say: Whatever our culture, our age, our education, our gender… WE ALL WANT the SAM

The Game of Gratitude

A very good friend of mine told me one day that she and her husband had this habit of pausing every night before going to bed and share with each other 3 things they could rejoice about for the day that was finishing. Sharing 3 things that they could be grateful for. I am in awe in front of such wisdom! This is one of the most life-giving games I have come across: the gratitude game! This makes me dream ;-) Imagine if the games of power, of money, of gossip, or aggressiveness were replaced by games of gratitude… Instead of wanting more power, more money, more control, we would want to give more. We would not need to receive anymore because we would be grateful already of what we have… So, i

Removing frustrations in our kids' lives?

Frustrations are part of life... Yet, they can be a real challenge for our little ones, and therefore for us too! I am a deep believer that our children's frustrations are an amazing opportunity for us to help them develop their love for life and their resilience! Today, I am talking with Little Rockers Radio about why is it paramount we do not remove frustrations in our children's lives. We spoke about building confidence and resilience and how saying "no" is saying "yes" to life! When our children come with a request (watching TV, buying something, eating out of meal times…) it is worth checking what is behind their request so as to know what it will actually mean to them if we say “yes” o

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