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The Game of Gratitude

A very good friend of mine told me one day that she and her husband had this habit of pausing every night before going to bed and share with each other 3 things they could rejoice about for the day that was finishing. Sharing 3 things that they could be grateful for.

I am in awe in front of such wisdom! This is one of the most life-giving games I have come across: the gratitude game!

This makes me dream ;-) Imagine if the games of power, of money, of gossip, or aggressiveness were replaced by games of gratitude… Instead of wanting more power, more money, more control, we would want to give more. We would not need to receive anymore because we would be grateful already of what we have…

So, it’s never too late to start!

Today, what am I grateful for?

I am grateful for the wonderful people I am surrounded by.

So many beautiful people on this planet! Sometimes I feel unhappy about the way things go on this planet and, yes, some subjects are worrying, but if I focus on all the beautiful people that fill the world, my world, your world, then I feel so much better! The truth is multicolour and there is some good and some bad going on but I am deeply convinced that by being grateful about all the positive around us we fuel this positive… and doing so, we make a difference in the world and we feel much happier!

What about you? What can you be grateful for today?

I wish you a vitalising time reflecting on this question :-)

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