A 24 Hour Retreat

Someone told me today “We all need to slow down”. It is SO true! Our lives are going at such fast speed because we have no dedicated time to actually stop… unless we practice meditation :-) Our lives have become so full on that I believe the most common thing we say nowadays is “It’s been so busy recently!” Being a mum in business myself, I can also testify of how much crazier it becomes when one adds children and a business in the count… “Aie Aie Aie” as we say in French ;-) I read one day an inspiring article from Leonie Dawson and she was talking about the absolute need for someone in business to take real breaks. At that time, 2 other wonderful ladies had told me that I would do well wit

Why keeping our Self-Image up to date is key to happiness?

Recently I have talked about getting a Positive Magical Bag for us to put all our successful steps towards becoming more and more ourselves. Getting used to be aware of all these positive steps towards happiness and freedom is a way to let our mind know that we are growing. This is called updating our self-image. Today, I would like to share about how important this updating is for our personal growth. All too often, we have an image of ourselves that is not adjusted to who we really are. Sometimes we have an image that is more negative than the reality and sometimes an image that doesn’t take into account our limitations and therefore is over-rated. Our self-image –the way we see and think

The "Positive Magical Bag"

If I had a magical wand, I’d like to invent something called “The Positive Magical Bag” for everyone to carry with them ☺ What is it? Well, imagine a beautiful bag, with gorgeous colours and the prettiest pattern you may think about. It has to be very special because inside we will put something even more special! We will put all the mini successes of ours that we always overlook: these baby steps that make us closer to becoming fully who we truly are! Our beautiful soul shining out into the world. Carrying such a bag with us would remind us at all times of how much progress -even little- we are constantly doing. It would help us update our self-image reminding us that we CAN and we ARE doin

The End of Procrastination!

After a quick introduction about why I am starting to blog, I will take you to have a closer look at procrastination: - Why are we procrastinating? - And what can we do to put an end to it ? It's a blog but it's almost an e-course! I hope you enjoy it! If you liked this video, please share it on Facebook by clicking here :-) Maud

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