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Why keeping our Self-Image up to date is key to happiness?

Recently I have talked about getting a Positive Magical Bag for us to put all our successful steps towards becoming more and more ourselves. Getting used to be aware of all these positive steps towards happiness and freedom is a way to let our mind know that we are growing. This is called updating our self-image.

Today, I would like to share about how important this updating is for our personal growth.

All too often, we have an image of ourselves that is not adjusted to who we really are. Sometimes we have an image that is more negative than the reality and sometimes an image that doesn’t take into account our limitations and therefore is over-rated. Our self-image –the way we see and think ourselves- plays a large role in our levels of self-confidence, our ratios of successes in life and our levels of happiness. This means that our self-image can help or be a hindrance to blossoming as the beautiful and unique human being we are.

It is therefore paramount to aim at having an adjusted self-image in order to succeed in life and be truly happy.

What is an adjusted self-image?

I have an adjusted self-image when I see myself the way I am. Not the way people around me have described me, nor the way I would like to be.

I am then aware and comfortable with:

  • the various aspects of my identity: my values, my skills, my aspirations, my normal needs and my natural limitations

  • my experiences: both successes and failures

  • my areas “under work” where I still need to progress

  • all the little steps I make everyday towards becoming who I am.

This is where the concept of the “Positive Magical Bag” comes in J. Indeed, as you can see, taking the time to consciously notice my daily little progresses is going to help tremendously my mind to update the self-image it has of myself.

How our self-image can impact our lives?

If I don’t have an adjusted self-image, this is what can happen:

  • feeling depressed (for believe I am some bad person I am not in reality)

  • or setting myself unrealistic objectives and be disappointed if I don’t succeed

  • or not even try to give myself objectives

  • or live in a dream world that keeps me separated from reality

  • feel unfulfilled and unhappy

If I have an updated self-image on the other hand, I will know well myself, my strengths and my limitations, as well as my deep aspirations. I will then be able to:

  • really know what is good for me and what is less good => make the right choices for me in my life, which is the upmost level of freedom J

  • know where I have grown and stop doing again and again the same mistakes but start acting from the person I really am => “Yes, you can!”

  • not set myself idealistic objectives –which are beyond what I can give- and be disappointed I cannot fulfill them

  • dare to set myself envious but realistic objectives, even in areas I have been uncomfortable or fearful of, because I know I have already done some small steps towards it

  • be successful at them!

  • Accept and embrace who I am and feel very happy and fulfilled J

Do you sense there is one aspect of your self-image you would like to update today?

I wish you deep joy in doing it J

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