Could an Image Consultant help you feel better with the way you look?

In my series of Up-lifting Life Resources, I have interviewed today Mrs Suzanne Dekyvere, Principal Image Consultant at An Air of Dinstinction. One day that I was complimenting a good friend of mine on how good she looked in a new outfit, she told me how, by having a session with an image consultant, she had discovered she used to wear the complete wrong colours and how happy she was now that she knew what suits her. This tempted me so much that I asked my partner if he would treat me with a session for myself for my next birthday;-) What I discovered about myself helped me make very positive changes - like return to my natural hair colour, which I loved- find cla

Is there such a thing as being “doomed” when it comes to Love?

Some people find they seem to always fall in love with the “wrong partners”, the ones with whom a good, stable and long lasting relationship is just a mirage. Mary* was only falling for men who didn’t want to commit, or who were already committed with someone else. John* found he always liked people who didn’t feel the same for him. Alison* repetitively met only “problematic” partners – they could be jealous, moody, blaming or even sometimes violent… Peter* seemed to meet great partners but found he always messed up at some stage, sabotaging the relationship again and again… All of these stories are sad and they are very real. You may know people who are living them. Or have you noticed some

Is it ok to let go of some relationships?

There are all sorts of relationships - intimate relationships, friendships, work colleagues, acquaintances. Some relationships are really good for us, and some … not so good, even though on the surface it might be difficult to see why. Sometimes we need some assistance to navigate whether we should speak up or walk away. In this article I give you a couple of examples* of some relationships that weren’t serving the person, and how you can decide what might be right for you. Example 1: Mark was a successful professional. Yet, he often felt fake and that he didn’t really deserve any praise. He even believed that his managers were unfair on his colleagues who deserved promotion at least as muc

Uplifting Life-Resources to Create a Life-Giving environment

We are not a mind, separately from a body, separately from a story, separately from our relationships, etc. ​ We are a WHOLE And it is good to pay attention at creating a nurturing environment around us. ​ Along with psychological work, it can be good for you to surround yourself with people who support you well in your life whether it is about your health, your leisure time, your work, etc. For this reason, and in the deep desire I have to support you holistically, I am creating the "Uplifting Life Resources" blogging series where I will present you exceptional professionals who can make a difference in your life. I have made some research, I have met people, I have tried services that I wo

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