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Could an Image Consultant help you feel better with the way you look?

In my series of Up-lifting Life Resources, I have interviewed today Mrs Suzanne Dekyvere, Principal Image Consultant at An Air of Dinstinction.

One day that I was complimenting a good friend of mine on how good she looked in a new outfit, she told me how, by having a session with an image consultant, she had discovered she used to wear the complete wrong colours and how happy she was now that she knew what suits her.

This tempted me so much that I asked my partner if he would treat me with a session for myself for my next birthday;-)

What I discovered about myself helped me make very positive changes - like return to my natural hair colour, which I loved- find clarity about how I could express my personality through my style, and get much better at shopping successfully, rather than waste money on buying things that just made me look reddish on photos… (this was a AhAh Moment! ;-)

The overall result was that I liked more the way I dressed and I felt more confident as well.

My belief is that everyone could benefit from finding how to dress in a way that works for you.

And if you experience a negative self-image and don’t like the way you look, there are several things you can do –and this is the subject of my next blog article in two weeks time!- but you would certainly benefit from having a session with an Image Consultant, especially one as caring and good as Suzanne! Find out what you can discover about yourself and the typical issues people come with to an Image Consulting session in this interview!

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