Over-eating, drinking, spending? Choosing partners that treat you poorly?How can you stop your destr

Do you often find yourself with a sudden compulsive need to shop or eat, have a drink, smoke, have sex, do sport or just find something fulfilling to do right now? Do you often feel not valued for who you are and what you do? If so, pay attention to these flags as you may be lacking love without knowing it… The good news is you can start working on this issue with effective results right now J When I met Mary, she had been single for 12 months since breaking up with her last boyfriend but she couldn’t move on. Jack was on her lips –and in her mind- all the time and she was very resenting of Jack. She felt he had let her down. Mary was a lovely girl who enjoyed having fun and she was a go-get

Busy is the new Black, but are you freely choosing to be busy? And is it really good for you to be b

Do you find yourself often saying your are busy? Do you feel time flies? Do you sometimes even feel overwhelmed by the amount of things you have to do? I know I regularly do! In fact, I feel It is a trend in our modern society that we are all very busy and it even looks like we are getting busier and busier. A good friend recently told me about the concept of "Portfolio Life". I like the idea that we are not just a worker but that we honour our various passions and talents in our life with an ensemble of activities. And it resonated in me tremendously as I feel it describes my life well -being a mum doing part-time homeschooling with my son, being an entrepreneur and devoting a lot of my ene

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