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Busy is the new Black, but are you freely choosing to be busy? And is it really good for you to be b

Do you find yourself often saying your are busy? Do you feel time flies? Do you sometimes even feel overwhelmed by the amount of things you have to do?

I know I regularly do!

In fact, I feel It is a trend in our modern society that we are all very busy and it even looks like we are getting busier and busier.

A good friend recently told me about the concept of "Portfolio Life". I like the idea that we are not just a worker but that we honour our various passions and talents in our life with an ensemble of activities. And it resonated in me tremendously as I feel it describes my life well -being a mum doing part-time homeschooling with my son, being an entrepreneur and devoting a lot of my energy to my personal growth. But as much as I love and want to live a "Portfolio life", I have to admit there is a risk it may lead us to be super-busy. So, while keeping the concept in my heart, I told myself in those last few days that I need to keep an eye on how I feel inside as a way to decide what is a priority and what is not.

Today, I will explore this phenomenon and look at:

- What is in the "being busy"?

- Why are people in our society getting so busy?

- What does it mean for our inner world? What are the consequences at a psychological and personal development level?

- What can you personally do to try and be less busy or manage better being busy?

If what I shared resonated with you and you would like to talk about what you can do to help yourself live your "being busy" better or becoming less busy, please feel free to give me a call, I'd love to have a 20 minutes chat with you!

Happy listening!

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