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Uplifting Life-Resources to Create a Life-Giving environment

We are not a mind, separately from a body, separately from a story, separately from our relationships, etc.

We are a WHOLE

And it is good to pay attention at creating a nurturing environment around us.

Along with psychological work, it can be good for you to surround yourself with people who support you well in your life whether it is about your health, your leisure time, your work, etc.

For this reason, and in the deep desire I have to support you holistically, I am creating the "Uplifting Life Resources" blogging series where I will present you exceptional professionals who can make a difference in your life.

I have made some research, I have met people, I have tried services that I would like to share with you because the people who offer these services are not just very good at what they do, they are people who infuse their work with universal positive values, they are passionate about what they do as much as about respecting and honouring people.

This means that if you need their services, working with these people will create a positive and life-giving environment around you. Of course, I cannot promise or take responsibility for how you will find working with these professionals but my experience with them was good enough to trust I can recommend them to you.

They have all sorts of specialities and can be a life-giving presence in your life if you need their services. I have interviewed them for you to meet them :-)

Today, I present you:

Dr Emily Hodges

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Here is how she describes herself: " I am a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner who provides a safe, caring and non-judgmental environment for my clients to share their health challenges and life stories. My treatments generally offer a combination of Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, practical lifestyle advice and a kind, listening ear."

I have myself been a patient of Emily for 5 years now and she is exactly who she says she is :-)

For further information you can look at Emily's website.

Meet wonderful Emily in this interview.

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