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A 24 Hour Retreat

Someone told me today “We all need to slow down”. It is SO true! Our lives are going at such fast speed because we have no dedicated time to actually stop… unless we practice meditation :-)

Our lives have become so full on that I believe the most common thing we say nowadays is “It’s been so busy recently!”

Being a mum in business myself, I can also testify of how much crazier it becomes when one adds children and a business in the count… “Aie Aie Aie” as we say in French ;-)

I read one day an inspiring article from Leonie Dawson and she was talking about the absolute need for someone in business to take real breaks. At that time, 2 other wonderful ladies had told me that I would do well with a time out for myself. Deep down I knew it was true. So, I decided that I was going to take 24 hours for myself.

When I asked myself how I really inspired to treat myself, I immediately knew that I wanted to go to a coastal location and have plenty of time with nature. So I booked myself in a hotel near the beach and left on a Friday afternoon, by train –to make it even more adventurous!- and went on a 24 hour retreat.

I cannot underline enough the amount of benefits I got from this retreat: I disconnected completely from work (of course no laptop was allowed), I relaxed and refreshed physically, I revived my energies but I also had great insights about my business, two important relationships and how to improve my life-balance. I came back more grounded, a better mum, a better wife, a better business woman. All this in 24 hours!

These times spent with just ourselves, with no agenda are such a beautiful gift we can give to ourselves.

Maybe it is time for you too to have a break… There can be so many reasons why we do. I am sure that if you do need one, deep down you know J

I wish you a beautiful journey trusting your inner truth J

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