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Respect can go a long way!

I believe stopping violence and disrespect is everyone’s business

When I first saw this campaign poster I thought “This is so good our government actively campaigns against violence against women!”. I didn’t have time to read through it though so I kept the magazine aside and I went back to it later.

When I read it the second time, something different happened: I realised this campaign is talking to me, to you, to everyone. Because it is talking about disrespect and its consequences. It is focusing on women, but we can generalise it to all human beings.

So, I’d like to make a call to myself and to everyone.

I am deeply convinced that if we, one by one, start focusing seriously on respecting ourselves –that is to say to treat ourselves well, and respecting others –that is to say by speaking to each other and about each other in a non-agressive and respectful way, we are actively creating a better society.

There is no excuse for saying “You f* idiot”, “What an asho*!”etc.

There is no excuse for pretending we haven’t seen people around us in need for practical simple help in public transport (thanks mobile phones!) or in public places.


Respect to ourselves starts with the way we treat ourselves:

  • our body with healthy food;

  • our emotions with acceptance and compassion;

  • our needs for a life-giving environment in line with our deep values;

  • our intellect with quality nourishment and entertainment

Respecting others starts now and not tomorrow. We can practice it in our car, in public transport, in the street, at work, at home.

Respecting others starts with understanding they have feelings too. Like us, they are on their journey, trying their best, even if we can’t see it.

Don’t give me wrong, it’s sometimes hard because we too have our own needs and bias. We too, get frustrated and upset at times. But if we can slowly focus on respect I am sure we will feel so much better and so will our relationships.

I’d like to conclude with the same words than the add:

Let’s “STOP the excuses”

Let’s “START a conversation about respect with boys and girls”… and with ourselves.

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