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Is your relationship with your body not the best? You can start changing that today!

Our body is supposed to be our best friend but it is very common to not feel that way and have a rather rocky relationship with our body.

Do you dislike your body? Are you disappointed by it? Frustrated or maybe even angry with it?

There can be many reasons for this. Let’s have a closer look at it.

First, a very common thing is for people not to like the way their body looks. You might find it too big or too skinny, not like your face or your skin, your hair, your nose etc. You are not finding it beautiful visually.

Others may feel let down by their body. You may be in a situation where your body often gets sick, simply doesn’t seem to function the way it should, or doesn’t fulfil the expectations you have about it. As a result, you may feel disappointed, frustrated or maybe even angry against your body –although this one is often unconscious.

Some bodies also seem to be forever needy. You may feel frustrated that your body needs so much sleep, food, exercise, rest etc. when it doesn’t fit with your own goals or desires. Or it can be that your body is abnormally needy and never gets enough of sleep, food, sex, drugs etc. and you feel you have lost control here.

Our body can also be a good reminder of painful experiences. You may have suffered bullying about the way you look or looked like, have suffered an accident from which your body has kept scars, you may have been abused physically and still feel it in your body –although here too it is often unconscious.

Finally, you may simply see your body as a symbol of yourself, and if you don’t like who you are today, you may feel dislike or disrespect for your body.

I am sure there can be many other reasons, but whatever the reason, the good news is that you can do something about it TODAY :-)

Whether you find it beautiful or not, your body is the amazing organism that has been given to you in order to thrive in life. If you manage to make it a friend, to love it with NO condition, to be its best friend, you can be assured you will get a significant improvement in your level of happiness.

So why not try today?

Here are a few steps I offer you to follow.

1. Seat in a place where you can be relaxed and won’t be interrupted for the next 5 minutes. Close your eyes, and take 3 deep breathes.

2. Mentally see your body and separate yourself from it. There is your body and there is you.

3. Imagine that your body is a young child and he or she looks at you with loving eyes. You can sense it wants to do its best to please you; as best as it can.

4. Take your time and let empathy –and maybe even love- well up in you. Be present with your body, hold its hand.

5. From your place of empathy and care for your body, look at its natural limitations. Allow yourself to feel compassion for your body’s reality.

6. From this same place of empathy and care, look at what your body receives from you on a daily basis: the levels of sleep, exercise, the quality of your diet, the presence or not of compassion and listening to your body etc. This is NOT about judging yourself and feeling guilty. This is simply about looking at your reality, with empathy for both parties –yourself and your body.

7. From this same place of love for your body, ask the child that is your body in this exercise, what it would like to get from you now. What is it that it needs? Physically and emotionally.

Be careful not to go into your head with this question. It is your body that needs to speak directly to you through this child. Try it, you will see, it’s not as hard as it sounds :-)

Here you are, you have your first step as to what you can do and that your body is craving for.

You can forever return to this exercise and practice feeling unconditional love for your body. We so often take our body for granted.

If you have made a discovery you’d like to discuss with me or if you feel you would like to discuss your own situation, you can book a free 20 minutes chat with me so we can discuss on I have a passion for assisting people to build a balanced, fulfilling and truly happy life. I would welcome the opportunity to do this for you :-)

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