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Can you find fulfilment in a non-fulfilling environment?

As some of you may know, being a counsellor is my second career.

In a first career, I worked in a corporate role and after 5-6 years I realised my work environment was not fulfilling me anymore, yet by then it was not the right time for me to go.

I often hear people say that the politics going on at work are “sapping” them and I can certainly relate to that.

So back to my story, I went to my usual mentor and here is what I discovered: even in a non-fulfilling environment we can experience great joy!

In my case, I happened to be part of a really lovely team and I started to focus on my human relationships with them as well as how I could contribute to lifting up the mood of the team.

I encouraged team lunches (simply at the company restaurant) and I can remember how much laugh and relaxation we were all getting out of them.

I felt happier because I was mindful of how lovely these people were but I also felt more meaningful. Indeed, I felt I was exploring my ability to relate to people in a deeper way so as to help them feel better. With a positive outcome on the team, I felt valued and putting more meaning in my daily life.

Are you currently living in an environment you don’t feel life-giving and you would like to escape?

Sometimes, we just feel like dropping it all… but we can’t because of our other commitments. Or maybe you just need some time to clarify what environment you would like to be in rather than your current one and so you can’t leave right now?

Would you like to try to shift your focus from what you can’t do/enjoy etc. to what you can enjoy and how you can contribute to this wellbeing in your current environment?

Here are a few tips on how you can go:

  • The first step is to stop and reflect on what is the most important missing thing for you in your non-fulfilling environment. This will give you a big hint at where your aspirations –and therefore your natural skills are. It could be things like: recognisance for the work done, practical organisation of the work, respect between colleagues, values in business etc…

  • As a second step you can ask yourself: “How can I make a change and input some of what I find is missing?” Let your heart answer the question rather than your head… Be open, patient and ready to be surprised with this one! It may be in a way you hadn’t thought about initially! It may also feel like a tiny thing (like with my team lunches) but don’t under-estimate it as it can completely change the way you feel.

  • If there are no way you can see any change is possible in this non-fulfilling environment, you can ask yourself if there is another area of your life where you can put your focus on for a while and where you can live these important things you are missing.

Maybe this is also the time for you to seek support... I would love to discuss with you on a free 20 minutes chat!

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