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When we don't feel fulfilled...

There are many areas of our life where we can feel unfulfilled: at work, in our relationships, with the way we manage our time, with our material environment, with the way we look, with the way the world goes etc…

Often, our first reaction is to look outside for solutions: change job or partner, go on a diet or use time saving apps, criticise this or that. All things that are outside of us.

Yet, lack of fulfilment is something that happens at the heart of ourselves. It is a sensation, which is emanating from a lack of correlation between who we are in depth and the way we live our life or we see ourselves.

Who are we in depth? Well, we are values, aspirations and dreams, a vision of what is the meaning of our life. None of this stuff is superficial. And it is all located deeply inside us.

This is why looking for solutions outside of ourselves is often a doomed route.

Of course, depending on what area of your life you are looking at, the route to fulfilment will vary. But there is one sure route that works whatever the reason you feel unfulfilled… This route is focussed on improving your level of unconditional love and acceptance of yourselves.

Why does it work? Because it comes with the acceptance that you are on a journey. When you love yourselves unconditionally, you accept your mistakes and limitations because you trust you are on your way to make a bigger plan come true. Imagine if you could know in advance this trajectory that your life will take and you could know you have a real chance to get there if you honoured your values and trusted life processes?

Wouldn’t it be helpful?

Well, give it a try! Imagine that you know that you are on a fabulous journey, the journey of your life. And that you have the opportunity to make it very special and fulfilling, even within your current conditions… By starting to love yourself and trust life and growth processes.

Allow yourself to live up to your values, to take seriously your dreams and deep aspirations so you can give meaning to your life.

Think about this area of your life where you feel unfulfilled… Is there one thing you can do as a way of honouring and respecting who you really are? Just one little step?

It could change your life…

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