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Let us be MORE...

"When we aspire to BE more ourselves

and we try to do it with solutions related to “have more”

we can only get into frustrations”

Every human being wants to BE happy.

We all aspire to “MORE of BEING ourselves”.

Indeed, it is when we are truly ourselves –all of ourselves, not someone else, and not any less than ourselves- that we reach deep happiness: JOY.

But all too often we search for this Joy outside of ourselves when it actually lies inside.

Opening to our inner world is not just for people who experience difficulties in life, it is for everyone who wants to grow in more satisfaction and fulfillment.

BEING MORE means connecting our mind with our inner depth where our true self lies: beautiful and positive realities of ours. It means embodying our values, humbly living our gifts and qualities, trusting our aspirations and celebrating our important bonds.

BEING MORE is not about having more.

BEING MORE is about EMBRACING more who we are.

BEING MORE is about LOVING more ourselves, with no idealistic expectation.

I know it’s easy to say, and it is a lifetime journey. But, gosh, it’s worth the ride!

I’d like to dedicate this blog post to all the people I know –and the ones I don’t know- who are on their growth journey ! Let us BE more and more ourselves! :-)

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