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When life takes unexpected turns...

Dear followers and readers of my blog,

You haven’t heard from me for a while; indeed, I was supposed to return to my blogging after a period of posting videos on my FB page during my stay in France. But when I came back from Europe life for my family and I took an unexpected turn as my husband got diagnosed with cancer.

At this time, it was clear to me that continuing to support my clients felt very good and something I really wanted to do, however I was going to drop my blogging activity for the time being, and for as long as I needed to focus on caring for my husband. So this is what I did.

I have been thinking several times about writing a blog post to let you know why I was not returning but time flew and here we are, on Christmas doorstep!

And this time, I really want to reach to you and send you my fond wishes. I will return to blogging in 2017 –although I am not exactly sure if it’s going to be in February or April/May- and I will tell you about these amazing and beautiful things that happen at the same time as challenges come up in life.

And this is the message I want to send you for Christmas: you have incredible resources inside you and the way to release them is to connect with the unconditional love that lays in you.

To do so, you can ask yourself questions like: “What do I want to give myself from the bottom of my heart here?” or “What would give real meaning to my life here?” etc. when faced with any kind of situation where you don’t feel fully satisfied.

Forget about others, or material conditions, this will follow next as when we are connected with our capacity to love ourselves unconditionally, then we are able to find the right direction whatever the context we are in.

This is what I wish for you for 2017: May next year be a year of Love for Yourself!!!

With my fond wishes


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