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Who am I?

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A 4 days transformational workshop

Enter a space of real self-care


With Maud Briscoe-Renaud

Who am I?, a time you truly dedicate to yourself

Check out our more detailed videos here.

Benefits of this workshop:

  • Discover a framework to understand how you function

  • Identify your inner resources

  • Connect with what is most meaningful for you and identify how to continue to progress in your life

  • Grow in inner strength and self-esteem

Main topics explored:

  • The image I have of me

  • My degree of autonomy with others

  • My Being: the essential and central part of me, source of my potentialities and aptitudes, often little known

  • My intelligence, freedom and will: three faculties I use to further my development 

  • My body, the source of my energies, which needs to be taken care of

  • My Sensitivity: its expressions and reactions; the phenomenon of hyper sensibility and its causes

  • My deep awareness of how to make decisions that are best for me

  • How to maintain my on-going growth

Workshop structure and price


  • 4 days workshop (consecutive or 2 weekends)

  • Date: Next dates TBC

  • Location: Melbourne, Australia

  • Cost: $575 per person and $465 concession (at your discretion).

  • A deposit of $100 must be paid to register a place in this 
Payment can be made by contacting Maud on 0401 057 669; or through PayPal here

Detailed benefits about taking the Who am I? workshop


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