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Getting my life back

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A powerful one day workshop for support people

(carers, parents, partners...)

  •       Clarify what is important for you to make your life truly meaningful and fulfilling

  •       Discover how you could have a better life balance

  •       Grow in your self-confidence in your ability to manage your challenges

  •       Learn some practical tools to re-balance your life




Part I – What is meaningful in my life


Part II – Improving my way of dealing with my challenges

What hinders me (outside and inside of myself)

Practicing constructive attitudes


Part III – Building a better balance for your life

Using effective tools

Drawing a plan for yourself

Why you may want to take this workshop:

  • You are or have been supporting someone through difficulties and you have lost sight of your needs

  • You are or have been looking after children full or part time and need to refocus on your own life

  • You work as a carer and have difficulties setting boundaries in your work

  • You feel a lack of fulfilment in your life because you have too little time for yourself

Workshop structure and price


  • This workshop is available online individually or in group face to face setting.

  • Available on demand,  from 9:30am to 4:30pm

    • This includes a 1 hour lunch break

    • Morning and afternoon teas are provided; please bring your own lunch

    • Maximum 10 participants

  • Venue: Melbourne, Australia

  • Cost: $210

    • A deposit of $50 must be paid to register a place in this workshop.

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