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My new life starts Now!


Have you ever wanted to create a GREAT life for yourself? One where you feel happy and fulfilled?

Here is the tool you’ve been waiting for!

My New Life starts NOW!

The new powerful program that can change your life!

Offered by Maud Briscoe-Renaud on a regular basis.

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   How does it work?   

   Take a day with like-minded people to stop, take stock of where you are in creating that dream life and set yourself a realistic goal to reach by the end of the year.

   Get the tools to structure your goal so that you actually reach it, benefit from regular private coaching and a supportive team around you for the whole time so you are not alone… and succeed!


   I have worked myself with this type of program for the last 8 years and I have reached my objective every single year! I have been dreaming about offering this program for a long time and I am so excited to finally be offering it!

   This program works because it offers 360° support: guidance while setting your goal and support throughout the year with a group and private coaching!


   And, cherry on the cake, the program is an amazing value: you get 50% off the individual services value! Check out the details below…


Program outline and prices

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  • “3,2,1 Blast-off!” Start off with a one-day workshop (10am - 5pm), which will allow you to review your life, dream big and create a plan to reach your objective for the year. This workshop will be for a maximum of 5 people and will respect complete confidentiality. Value $240


  • Review by Maud of your objective and plan with comments. Value $65


  • 1 hour private coaching session with Maud to fine-tune your objective and plan to make sure you are well prepared. Value $130


  • Vitalizing inputs and support by joining a private What’s App group of like-minded people who journey alongside you (max 5 people)


  • 6 x 1-hour online monthly group meetings on a secure online platform to boost your tool-kit and keep your motivation up. Value $240


  • Very light (15 min max) but powerful “homework” between meetings to keep you on track.


  • 3 private coaching sessions with Maud.

These private coaching sessions allow you to work on something you may want to keep private or to review something from the meeting you would like to integrate more, or anything you feel you need private coaching for. You choose when you want to use the sessions; they are valid for the duration of the program.  Value $390


  • Access to 5 more private coaching sessions at a reduced fee ($90 instead of $130).  Value $200


  • 30 min private coaching session for a mid-year progress review with Maud. Value $65


  • ½ day end of year review group meeting (in October). Value $120


Total program value $1450

Your price: $725!


Monthly payment plan option is possible; please enquire.



Take the entry workshop first for $200 and then decide if you want to join the “My new life starts Now!” group and meetings for $650.



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