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I help men and women create inner stability so they can make a stand for themselves and let go of what doesn't support them anymore.

I would love to help you too!

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  Caring, Non-Judgemental, Positive and Professional
Holistic Counselling and Life-coaching
"Let me help you become confident and free to be authentic and stand up for yourself in your relationships and at work, feeling peaceful and fulfilled in your life." 
  Benefits of working with me
I can help you to:
  • Be able to make a stand for yourself without being unsettled by people’s judgement.

  • Calmly let go of unhealthy habits and thinking patterns such as drinking, smoking, destructive relationship etc.

  • Gain clarity about why you feel dissatisfied (and always looking for something new) even when you have what you want.

  • Learn how to be able to sustain a level of happiness and have emotional stability.

  • Identify a more meaningful direction for your life or work.

  • Grow in confidence to speak your truth to family and loved ones even though they may respond with disapproval.

  • Learn where to start with developing self confidence and go beyond your fears.

  • Be able to quickly know what is the best decision for your situation before others jump in and try to decide for you.

  • Have the energy and motivation to take action and change things.

  • Build strong and happy relationships.

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