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My Daily Decisions Shape My Life

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In this one day workshop discover a powerful technique to stand up for yourself in your daily life and create the life you really want.

When we decide we want to improve the way we live our life, including to better stand up for ourselves, we often think about making big changes and give ourselves ambitious goals.

But true, long lasting change and improvement comes first through our small daily decisions.


No act is neutral, it either helps us build a meaningful life for ourselves or not.


In this very practical workshop you will:


  •       Clarify how your daily decisions shape your life

  •       Look practically at how you can stand up for yourself when you usually don’t

  •       Explore and strengthen your ability to make good decisions for your life

  •       Improve your way of standing up for yourself through your daily decisions

  •       Super-charge your motivation to be who you really want to be even in difficult situations


Why you may want to take this workshop:

  • You want to learn a practical technique to be able to stand up for yourself

  • You want to start living daily life more in line with what is important for you

  • You want to feel more confident in setting your boundaries or asking for support

  • You want to feel less sensitive and tense when faced with any kind of conflict or negative judgment directed towards you

Workshop structure and price


  • This workshop is available online individually or in group face to face setting.

  • Next group face to face session on Sunday October 6th, 2019 from 9:30am to 4:30pm

    • This includes a 1 hour lunch break

    • Morning and afternoon teas are provided; please bring your own lunch

    • Maximum 10 participants

  • Venue: PRH Australia, Mount Waverley, VIC, Australia

  • Cost: $210

    • Register by: Friday September 27th, 2019. A deposit of $50 must be paid to register a place in this workshop.

    • Register by paying your deposit here


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